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Bonchon Chicken Makes DC its Newest Hometown

By Daphne Domingo

DC residents no longer have to cross any borders to crunch on the some Korean fried chicken that has been sweeping through Asia and the East Coast. Bonchon Chicken franchise owners, Thomas An & Paul Choi, has announced it is will be opening a new location in Navy Yard next spring. They let Washingtonian know that the menu will stay close to that of their Arlington location, which not only includes the standard soy garlic and spicy hot garlic chicken flavors, but various other Korean and American treats like bulgogi, French fries and even a fusion kimchi coleslaw.


An anonymous employee stated the concept for the location is a closely guarded secret that the owners would like to keep as a surprise, but given their propensity to modernize Korean traditions, be on the lookout for an extensive cocktail menu with even more fusion creations like their jalapeno-laden Jalarita.

For those who have yet to experience the joys of Bonchon, take away all preconceptions of what fried chicken is about. This is not the heavily floured and peppered Southern fried chicken, but South Korean style, which is double-fried in a thin batter and then painted on at the last minute with a lacquer of a sauce. The first bite breaks into a deep crunch even more satisfying than the top of a crème brulee with the addictive (regardless whether you get hot or mild) garlicky sauce, with a meat inside so tender and moist that its hard to choose whether it’s the texture or the taste of the chicken that makes it so good.

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