UPDATED:  October 29, 2011 10:04 PM
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Asian Marrow Network Holds Fundraising Event

Arlington, Virginia–The non-profit D.C. Metropolitan Asian Pacific American Marrow Network marked its 13th Annual Banquet for Life, held October 16 at the China Garden Restaurant here.

President and Founder Ida Wang said, “I am appealing to the Asian American community to get more involved in our efforts.” She acknowledged the Network’s supporters. She tearfully thanked her elementary classmate, Elsa Tang. Elsa, who flew from Seattle, Washington, had donated $3,000.

Elsa also donated the raffle’s grand prize: a one-week TimeShare Vacation in memory of her daughter. Her voice broke as she recalled her daughter’s losing battle to leukemia three years ago, at age 27. She urged everyone to join the Network’s efforts, whether as a volunteer or a donor.

Network President Wang’s daughter Leona emceed the program. Rev. Charles Koo of the Chinese Community Church of Washington, D.C., delivered the invocation. Tony Doncanson, volunteer and chairman of DC Real Estate Commission, performed the Drum of Fire/Africa. A video presentation, “Join Us in Saving Lives,” followed.

Ms. Wang founded the organization after the death of her nephew Andrew in 1992. Later, she met another boy whose name was also Andrew, and under Be the Match Foundation, she started the Andrew Yuen & Andrew Lee Fund on November 2, 2006. For more information, or how to be a volunteer or donor, email wang_wellness_4u@comcast.net.

The Network Team is composed of Ellen Carag, vice president; Dr. D. W. Chen, advisor; Pauline Ting, treasurer; Connie Yu, secretary; Gloria Ip, assistant secretary. Daving Wang is the Event Chair, with Vic Carag as Event Co-Chair. Jack Lee provided music, sound and video support; K.F. Chow and Penny Lee provided photography support. The event’s volunteers were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lam; Ms. Tang; Thomas and Siva Woo; Jennie Yep, Leona Wang; Rex, Liz Yuen and family; and Dr. Tzi-Ming Yang and students.

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