UPDATED:  December 29, 2009 6:19 PM
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WHA Needs $25K to Meet Goal for Medical Missions 

The World Health Ambassador’s Blue Lantern Benefit, held November 8 at the Westwood Country Club in Vienna, drew more than 320 guests. The event raised over $35,000 for WHA medical missions in the nation and overseas.

WHA is grateful to the generous donors. But a full medical relief mission by WHA costs approximately $60,000, and it is appealing to the community to help it reach its target goal.

“It doesn’t take too much to make a huge difference in someone’s life,” said WHA Director Thien Do. “A $40, tax-deductible donation, can provide one week of antibiotics for 4 patients, a $100 donation can give pregnant women in a village a month of prenatal vitamins, a $250 donation will help the team bring dental treatment to 25 children, and $500 or more can be used for life-saving medical equipment, which WHA gives to medical centers in the impoverished countries that we serve.”

Dr. Do added: “We are so thankful to the readers of Asian Fortune who donated in response to earlier coverage about the Blue Lantern Benefit. I hope that others will join our efforts to relieve suffering, whether through donating their time and talent on an upcoming mission or by supporting WHA financially.” (More information about World Health Ambassador is available online at www.whausa.org.)

WHA will embark on its next missions this year. In May, a small team of physicians will provide training for doctors at a local medical center in Ba Men Thuot in Central Vietnam. They will also assess the medical needs of the local population. In November, a full team of doctors, dentists and pharmacists will provide care to the people of Ba Men Thuot. WHA has also recently agreed with the government of Nepal to conduct a medical and dental relief mission to that country in 2011.

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