UPDATED: February 9, 2012 1:26 PM
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Wat Tummaprateip Thai Temple Fundraising Gala

On February 17, Wat Tummaprateip Thai Temple, located in the nation’s capital, held a Cultural Gala Banquet to raise funds for its new Meditation Center. Venue was the Clarion Hotel in Oxon Hill, Maryland. The gala raised over $32,000, Lay Vice President and Director John G. Reed of Wat Tummaprateip reported on February 24. With some 300 at the event, keynote speaker Dr. Anirban Basu and the scintillating performances, it was obviously a success. Reed said of ballerina Charin Yuthasastrkoso: “This amazing 81-year old woman is a cancer survivor whose optimistic attitude is absolutely infectious! Her performance was breathtaking and fascinating to all of us who watched in amazement as she gracefully glided about the dance floor.” He added that Ms. Charin is the Guinness World Record holder as the oldest performing ballerina in the world, at age 71.

From left: Phramaha Sakda Thasao, second monk at Wat Tummaprateip; Lay Vice President and Director John G. Reed; Phra Kru Sophon Dhammawitate, Abbot and Chairman of the Board for Wat Tummaprateip; and the keynote speaker, Dr. Anirban Basu, Chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., an economic and policy consulting firm based in Baltimore, Maryland.

(Note: 2SAME PHOTO is a vertical photo; could be better for variety in lay-out.) Shown are Dr. Anirban Basu with Lori and Frank Duduk. Lori was part of the Serng Sing Dorkjarn dance group and Frank is Project Manager for the new Meditation Center for Wat Tummaprateip, and also head of SmartSite Management consulting firm.

Charin Yuthasastrkosol is the Guinness World Record holder since 2006 as the oldest performing ballerina in the world, when she was 71 years old.

Children and adults perform the Hill Tribe Dance: Christina Waeha, Savannah Duduk, Crystal Sunthornsupapisan, Victoriea Fletcher, Oat and Amanda (mother and daughter), and Apple and Rei (also mother and daughter).

Kanokphon Rattanawatkul, one of the three performers of the Kinnaree Dance.

Vietnamese American Celebration Showcased at ArtSpace

As part of its “Passport to the World” Festival, Creative Cauldron presented the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet) Celebration, held last January 29. Venue was ArtSpace Falls Church, located at 410 South Maple Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia. “Dance and traditional instruments came together to treat the senses with five unique dances,” said Board Member Sharon Van Duizend, who emceed the show, commenting on Vietnamese culture and traditions. “A fashion show demonstrated traditional Vietnamese costume and dress.” A proud Vietnamese American father took a video recording of the performances. After the program, he said, the children did not have a lot of time to practice their numbers. He added, “But their teacher was really very good at the limited time they had for rehearsals, and all the performers did their best.” He said another program would be held the following Sunday in the community hall at St. Michael’s church in Virginia. Jackie Bong-Wright, one of the performers and fashion show participants, said the show was organized by Laura Hull (shown at far right, in Photo 4), wife of former Delegate Bob Hull, and Board Member Van Duizend.

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