UPDATED:  February 27, 2011 10:42 PM
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World Health Ambassador Holds Fundraising Gala

Arlington, Virginia–World Health Ambassador (WHA) was recently included in the upcoming 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a testament to its financial integrity.

WHA Executive Director Thien Do said at its annual fundraising gala that although it is an all-volunteer organization, “we are operating like a very efficient corporation.” WHA recently passed auditing by an independent accounting firm, a CFC requirement.

Dr. Do told some 360 guests on April 2 at Westin Arlington, “For every dollar donated by you, 82 cents are spent on medical care and medical care delivery.” A small percentage is allotted for administrative expenses.

He thanked corporate sponsors, members and other supporters. He noted that with more donations, its Rapid Reaction Program, a medical relief program in the U.S. and overseas, can reach readiness status soon. WHA members, he said, had the recent Japan earthquake on their minds.

WHA holds Cherry Blossom Benefit so it can continue to provide medical and dental care to underserved communities overseas, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Founded in 2005, WHA (www.whausa.org) also helps in medical relief efforts in natural disasters in the U.S., and participates in health fairs here in Virginia. Its international missions also include medical and dental teaching at healthcare institutions in the host country.

Dr. Do, the low-profile WHA head, praised its strong administrative and attorney teams for further strengthening its corporate governance. “This strong foundation will help ensure the program’s integrity, stability and growth for years to come,” he stressed.

The amount raised at the event was not available at press time. Corporate sponsors included PNC Bank; Bhrum; Advantage Settlement, Inc.; American Executive Health System; Gilead Pharmaceutical; Teva Neuroscience Pharmaceutical; Allstate Insurance; Princess Jewelers; Americares; Lanza Technologies, and Medpharm.

Rapid Relief Team

Dr. Do reported: “Our program membership has grown to the point where we can field a team in relatively short notice of 4 to 6 weeks, with the goal of keeping them in the field for at least a month.” With its sophisticated portable laboratory equipment, the WHA medical team can perform a complete set of chemistry labs on a patient, in primitive field condition, just under 5 minutes.

Current projects include establishing a colonoscopy screening program and an open heart surgery program in the Can Tho School of Health Sciences in Vietnam. The goal: To train Vietnamese physicians to take care of their own people. The diplomacy team is working on a medical and dental mission to Nepal in late 2012.

WHA has been to three countries and treated over 6,000 patients. It has over 400 members across the U.S. and around the world, among them Canada, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

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