UPDATED:  February 27, 2011 10:42 PM
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Korea Brings Top Artist Hozin to Festival

Washington–The 3rd Annual International Soul Society Festival (ISSF), held on April 10-17, included Hozin, top Korean international popping dance artist, and a film festival at Artisphere in Arlington, Virginia.

Hojin Kang, known popularly as Hozin, has been dancing since 2004. He has won numerous international competitions, winning first place in the popping category at the 2009 UK B-Boy Championships. He manages Marvelous Hozin Studio in Seoul, where he teaches classes regularly.

ISSF said its Warrior Spirit Cultural Exchange program, facilitated by Artistic Director Rashaad Pearson, will pave the way for future visits by other artists. “We want to thank the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Center for funding and supporting this exchange.”

Korean Cultural Center Director Jin Soo Nam said, “We are very happy to bring Hozin for the International Soul Society Festival and to bring attention to this form of dance.”

The Korean Cultural Center, also known as KORUS House, is an integral part of the embassy. For information on upcoming events, visit its website, www.dynamic-korea.com. For details on ISSF, visit www.internationalsoulsociety.com.

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