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Want to Improve Conversions? Experiment with These 4 A/B Tests

Making progress with your eCommerce website involves a lot of testing. A/B testing is the most effective way to improve your website conversions to make more sales and revenue.

With A/B testing, you compare two versions of a web page, pop-up, form, or other website element against each other to determine which performs the best. Since there are so many different variables to test within your website, make sure you are only testing one variable at a time to get accurate results.

Many DIY website builders for ecommerce include some A/B testing capabilities, but it’s up to you to know what to hone in on.

Here are a few examples of A/B tests you should consider performing to improve conversions of your ecommerce website:

Call to Action

The call to action button is one of the most commonly A/B tested items on an ecommerce website. One click on this button could generate a subscriber, a lead, or a purchase, so it’s very important for it to convert at the best possible rate.

You can test your call to action by manipulating the copy, color, size, and placement of the button. The copy should not only entice the visitor to click, but it should also set their expectations. Words and phrases like “sign up,” “download,” buy now,” or “get free copy” are all actionable and indicative of what happens next.

Form Fields

How many forms do you have on your ecommerce website? You probably have a contact form, but you may also have forms for specific inquiries, sign-ups, or purchases. By testing the number of required fields on your form, you can determine the optimal number to receive the most submissions. It’s common knowledge that visitors are more likely to complete forms with as few fields as possible.

However, it may be difficult to find a balance between creating a quick and easy form for your customers and gathering all the information you need. A/B testing will help you create the most effective form.

Exit Offers

Exit offers are typically pop-ups that appear when a visitor indicates an intention to leave the website (like moving their cursor outside of the window). These pop-ups are your last chance to get the customer to stick around, or to enter their email address so you can contact them and draw them back.

There are several different ways you can A/B test your exit offers. You can test if an exit pop-up is more effective with or without an incentive offer. Pop-ups without an offer might display popular products or products that have recently been viewed by other shoppers. You can also test which incentive offers convert the most visitors. Common exit offers include discounts, free shipping, or a free download.


Completing the checkout and successfully making a purchase is one of your most important goals for your customers, so it’s important to optimize the process. You can test many different aspects of your checkout including up-sells, cross-sells, number of pages and steps, form fields, and more.

Remember, there’s a lot of great suggestions for A/B tests in ecommerce, but there’s even more uncharted territory in A/B testing for you to explore. Ecommerce websites have so many elements that you can tweak, test, and optimize down to every last detail.

While it’s important to focus on big wins and optimize the most important aspects of your website, don’t be afraid to play around with other contributing factors. Most of all, have fun with A/B testing! It’s your chance to think like a scientist and conduct experiments. The results could surprise you!